You Rate It

You Rate It is based on the principle of one simple tool enabling viewers and uploaders of user generated video to rate their own content.


You Rate It uses one flexible, dynamic and international classification scheme. This allows national sensitivities to be taken into account and allows us to translate the ratings on an international scale.

Protect minors

You Rate It makes all the ratings freely available to children, parents and parental control software to ensure the protection of minors.

What is it?

You Rate It is a simple rating tool developed to inform parents and children
on the content of user generated video.

The tool is simple and is based on decades of rating experience in the UK and the Netherlands. It contains only 6 questions and includes a facility for viewers to report content which might be illegal.

You Rate It is not designed to be used in a rigid way. Rather, its use can be adapted to meet the needs of different users and platforms in different countries with different rating criteria. The questionnaire may be completed by those uploading content, by those viewing the content, or both.

You Rate It contains six questions about the content of the video on: behaviour, drugs, horror/ fear, language, sex and violence. Completing the questionnaire takes a couple of seconds up to a minute.

How does it work?

Simple questions

Uploaders and/ or viewers of user generated video will be asked 6 simple questions on the content of the video. The platform can decide who can rate the content, the uploader, the crowd or both. The questions deal with: behaviour, violence, sex, drugs, language and horror/ fear and are based on decades of age rating experience between NICAM and the BBFC but are open to take national sensitivities into account.


The way that the questions will appear is fully customizable to any website.


The single questionnaire produces country specific, recognizable ratings which take into account national differences. These can be used by parents, parental controls and children to make well informed viewing decisions online.

Join us!

NICAM and the BBFC welcome the involvement of other parties in this project

We therefore ask interested organizations, rating bodies as well as platforms that offer user generated audio visual content online,
to help us further develop this tool and thereby help parents and children to make sensible viewing decisions.

Join us

The Netherlands Institute for Classifying Audio-visual Media (NICAM) is responsible for the coordination of the Kijkwijzer system in the Netherlands.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is an independent, non-governmental body which classifies cinema films and videos.


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